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Wedding Limo & Party Bus Service

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You want your wedding to be the most special of your life. So why would you take any chances on you wedding transpo, or settle for second best? Get the luxury transportation that you deserve.

Mirage Limousines has been providing wedding limo and party bus service to thousands of happy couples for over 20 years. This experience means you can expect the best in luxury and value.

In this post we will introduce you to a recently married, happy couple who had the pleasure of traveling in one of our luxury vehicles. The wedding took place at the Desert Botanical Gardens. Check out how they incorporated the desert southwest into their wedding design. Scroll down for some great wedding design ideas.

Wedding Limousine Service

All the wedding photography is courtesy of Blue Hills Photography. Perhaps they could do something equally as nice for you.

The happy couple wisely chose to use Mirage Limousines to provide their wedding limousine. The wedding service went great and at the reception everyone had a blast. You only need to look at their picture to see how happy they are. We are glad to have played a small part.

Before we share the wedding success…

We want to share with you just how you can make sure your wedding transportation is perfect.

  • We show you how to pick the perfect vehicle by matching it to your wedding’s theme.
  • Plus we share a caution. See it before you book it.

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Prom Goers all in Wayfarers. Mirage Limousines wants to provide your prom limo or party bus.

Want a Prom Limo or Prom Party Bus? Better Hurry!

So Many Proms, So Few Prom Limos and Party Buses

Proms start this weekend, Saturday March 28th. On this day there will only be three Proms, Fountain Hills, Liberty and Trevor Brown. That’s not too many Proms. But how many luxury vehicles will be needed to accommodate all these Prom goers? That is the question.

At Mirage Limousines we have more limos and party buses for Prom than anyone else. But we surely don’t have enough to handle a whole high school’s worth of Prom goers.

Book Prom Limo or Party Bus Here

Mirage Limousines has more than twenty luxury vehicles. Some of our vehicles are party buses and they hold up to 65 people. But I don’t think if we rolled out every vehicle, filled to capacity we could get one whole high school to Prom, let alone twenty or more high schools on the same night.

So, as much as we would love to help you all, we just can’t. So its up to you to get on the computer, get on your phone. Start checking out these cars and the service providers. Swing by their office, if they have one. Insist on seeing your luxury vehicle before you pay.

Busiest Prom Saturday

The busiest Prom Saturday this year will be Saturday, April 25th. On that day there will be 25 Proms. These Proms include high schools like Brophy and Moon Valley. April 25th, there will be a Prom for: Arcadia, Camelback, Chaparral, Coronado, Deer Valley, Desert Ridge, Maryvale, McClintock and more.

Crowd of Prom Dancers - Mirage Limousines has your Prom limo and party bus

If Saturday April 25th is your Prom day then you will have a lot of competition for luxury vehicles on that day. The early bird gets the worm, as they say. So be that early bird and get your luxury vehicle (worm) before they are all gone. There’s a chance that all of our party buses are already booked on that day. Hope you got yours.

Next Busiest Prom Saturdays

There are twelve or more Proms on each of the following Saturdays: April 11th, April 18th and May 2nd. Cactus, Ironwood and Peoria you are all on April 11th. Apollo, you and Chandler, Sunnyslope and more are all on April 18th. May 2nd will be Anthem, Buckeye and more.

These four Saturdays are the busiest for Prom this year. If you have a Prom on one of these four Saturdays then you better get busy. That is if you don’t already have luxury transportation booked.

Let Us Help

Mirage Limousines wants to be your ride to prom. We have more luxury vehicles than anyone. Plus our vehicles are more deluxe than any one else’s.

Mirage Limousines Prom Limos

Expect Quality

No one pays attention to the details like we do. Our vehicles are meticulously maintained by our in house detail staff. Our in house mechanics go over every mechanical detail with a fine tooth comb.

We house our vehicles at our showroom on Scottsdale Rd. No one else can say that. We go that extra mile so that you can feel comfortable in your decision to rent from us.

See It Before You Book It!

Wherever you rent you luxury transportation, see it before you book it. Sadly, there are unscrupulous individuals who will rent a car they do not have. Or offer a car you will never see. Last year, several girls here in Arizona rented a party bus from Pennsylvania. They got no party bus and they were out the $500 deposit. We know because they came to us in a panic. Don’t let this happen to you.

Mirage Limousines’ Prom Party Buses in Phx, AZ

(Click an image for more details)

Mirage Limousines Party Bus for 65 Passengers-outside view

Largest Party Bus in AZ

Mirage Limousines party-bus-45-passenger-outside

Party Bus for up to 45

Mirage Limousines party-bus-35-passenger-outside

Party Bus for up to 35

Mirage Limousines Party Bus-Seats 25 Passengers

Party Bus for up to 25

See it before you book it! Its a major expense. You wouldn’t buy a house with out seeing it, or a refrigerator or anything else that is a major expense without seeing it. Don’t be fooled by some sweet talking salesman. See your Prom limo or party bus before you sign anything or pay anything.

Mirage Limousines

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Call anytime, 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Operating Hours:
24 hrs/day, 7 days/week

  • Visit Our Showroom
  • 813 N Scottsdale Rd
  • Scottsdale, AZ 85257
  • Showroom Hours:
  • Mon-Fri: 10am – 5pm
  • Saturday: 9am – 6pm
  • Sunday: Please Call

Visit our showroom to see your luxury transportation in person. Mirage Limousines invites you to see it before you book it! Get your Prom limo or Party Bus here!

Mirage Limousines Other Prom Posts

Check out our page dedicated to prom. There you will find tips and tricks, etiquette and more. Mostly we try to convince you to book early and see it before you book it, over there.

Plus we have blogged about Prom before. There’s one about costs and others strictly about limos or party buses for Prom. Here’s another one about prom party buses. We want to be your go to source for Prom transportation. So we hope to provide useful information that makes you come back again and again.

 Additional Prom Advice


If you’re not sure you’ve got everything covered your are not alone. There are teams of people who have been through what you are going through. Draw on their experience. Head on over to Pinterest to find a bunch of very useful Prom Checklists. Once you’ve had a look at a couple of those you’ll have a better idea of how ready you are for Prom. See, you are not alone in this.


Prom Group Laughing by Tanya Goodall Smith

Prom Group Laughing by Tanya Goodall Smith

Tanya Goodall Smith has some advice for posing for pictures. She is a professional photographer and has some great prom pictures here. Although the article is written for other photographers there are still some great tips there. And beautiful images. Perhaps for the group shots you take a page from “The OC” an old TV show. Tina says, “To get “The OC” look, you basically want to make sure to have everyone on different levels. Some sitting, some standing, some leaning on a post or wall. Everyone is doing something different with their hands. They look posed, but not posed, and it makes a group photo a lot more dynamic than just having everyone stand in two or three rows and smile.” Check out the images. You will agree that these are great group shots.