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Mirage Limousines Phoenix Party Buses

Party Buses Lined up & Ready to Go in Phoenix

Reserve Your Party Bus

The image above only shows some of the party buses you will find at Mirage Limousines. They wouldn’t all fit under this covering.

No one has as many party buses. No one can compete with Mirage Limousines luxury and style. We invite you to go see their party buses then come see ours. You will see the difference immediately. No one beats Mirage Limousines. Hands down!

Whatever the occasion it is better with friends.

Mirage Limousines’ party buses are all lined up and ready to go! Whatever the occasion, nothing beats a party bus. Heck you don’t even need a destination.

Once inside you are taken to the night club of your imagination. Your favorite music is playing. The lights blink in your favorite colors. You are surrounded by your friends laughing and dancing. This is truly a party on wheels.

Whatever the size of your group, we have you covered. These buses range in size from 25 people to 65 people. One of our buses will hold up to 55 people. Our largest party bus, not pictured above, can hold 65 people. See the largest party bus in Phoenix here.

Phoenix Party Bus for 35

Outsides Wrapped for Party Goers

Mirage Limousines Party Bus-for 35 passengers, outside shot of decals

This is our 35 passenger party bus. All of our party buses are wrapped in images.

Our name is proudly presented.

Often they include an image of dancers.

If you see one of these party buses on the road, you know, for sure, it is Mirage Limousines, no question.

Expect Amenities Inside As WellStereo controls in Mirage Limousines newest party bus. Designed to hold 55 passengers. The only one with karaoke and a restroom.

We not only go that extra mile on the outside of our party buses.

We go over the top on the inside as well.

If you can imagine it we have it!

This party bus has a dance pole and bubble lamps.

Expect blaring sound systems, huge TV’s, some of our party buses even have laser lights like you find at a dance club or a concert.

No one does more to the insides of their party buses than Mirage Limousines.

Inside AZ’s Largest Party Bus

This is the inside of our largest party bus. Check out our other videos over on YouTube.

Mirage Limousines (480) 970-7700

Luxury Transportation

Mirage Limousines has been providing luxury transportation for over twenty years. No one does it better. Mirage knows what you expect from a limousine or party bus.

  • Top Notch Audio
  • Video System
  • Fiber Optic Lighting
  • Laser Lights
  • Crystal
  • Mirrors
  • and more

Many of our vehicles have lighted floors and ceilings. Plan to be amazed.

See It Before You Book It

Anyone can say they have a party bus. We can prove it. 

Mirage Limousines Showroom DoorEnsure that you are getting the very best by simply going to see your party bus before you book it. Do they have a showroom? Or is their party bus parked on the street somewhere? We have a beautiful showroom where you can come and see your party bus or any of our luxury vehicles. 

Plan to be amazed!


See it before you book it!

Mirage Limousines:
813 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85257
Showroom Hours:
Mon-Fri 10am-5pm
Sat 9am-6pm


Call (480) 970-7700 24/7

Take a Limo or Party Bus to the Arizona State Fair

AZ State Fair Sunset Photo-Limo & Party Bus EventGet a Limo or Party Bus for the Arizona State Fair

Its that time of year again and the Arizona State Fair is here. As soon as it is pumpkin season the Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum opens its doors to a bunch of farm animals. Really! Some of them are actual farm animals!

This blog is not about farm animals however. Instead, it’s about why you should book a limo or a party bus to fully enjoy the Arizona State Fair this year. Imagine the fun the kiddies can have rolling up to the fair in a limo. Mom and dad, leave the driving to us. Just enjoy your kids and each other. Let us take the hassle out of going to the fair. No parking fees, no traffic jam headache.

If you don’t have kids or you are not interested in the rides and fair food there is still a reason to go to the fair. The concerts being held at the fair this year. Always known for booking top acts, this year is no exception. In the past the fair has attracted such big name artists as Nirvana, Blake Shelton and Billy Idol.

This year the fair has enlisted another eclectic mix of artists. Weezer,an American rock band formed in Los Angeles in 1992 and famous for songs like “Beverly Hills” and “Undone”, among others, perform Thursday, October 16, 7:00 PM.Wiz Khalifa released his album “Blacc Hollywood” this year and will likely cover those songs when he performs Friday, October 17, 7:00 PM. Not together of course. And that’s not all.

Barenaked Ladies will be at the fair Wednesday, October 22, 7:00 PM. Their careers took off in 1998 with their break out hit album “Stunt.” Expect music from their latest album “Grinning Streak” released in 2013. Queens of the Stone Age, an American rock band from Palm Desert, CA and formed in 1996 will be performing on Thursday, October 30, 7:00 PM.

Pack up the girls, throw in some dudes and head over to one of these shows in your very own party bus (or limo). The prices will surprise you especially when you consider gas and everyone paying parking fees. Plus think of all the headaches you’ll avoid like “where did I park my car?” and “how do I get out of this log jam of cars?”

The 2014 Arizona State Fair runs Oct 10 thru Nov 2nd. An Arizona tradition. Go eat some carnival food, soft pretzels, cotton candy. Try your hand at the games. Win your honey a stuffed animal to remember the occasion. Whatever you decide to do, do it in a limo or a party bus to make it just that much more special.

Mirage Limousines is excited by this cooler weather and all the fun things that come with it. Not only is the Arizona Fair is here, so are more concerts than can be mentioned. Plus football just started, along with hockey. Its also a great time to tour the state. Sedona wine tour anyone? Grand Canyon? Gather up your crew and do something really special. You’ve been good. You deserve a little fun. The oppressive heat is over. Now get out and enjoy it!

Book Arizona State Fair limo HERE!