A Party Bus for 55 People

Party buses are just more fun!

They are more fun than a caravan of cars. Sure you can get all your friends to jump in their cars and meet you somewhere. That is always fun. Except the jumping in the car part. Think of the headaches of traffic and parking. How many friends would it take to make the parking lot a nightmare?

Why not all travel together? The atmosphere in a party bus is like a nightclub. The vehicle is sparkling with crystal and lights. The tunes are bumping. Plus in a party bus the fun starts the minute you board.

Forgo the traffic headaches, the DUI worries and the parking lot nightmares. Get yourself a driver who can handle all that for you. You just focus on your friends and the fun.

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What is a Party Bus?

Stairs in Mirage Limousines newest party bus. Designed to hold 55 passengers. The only one with karaoke and a restroom.A party bus is way more fun than a regular bus. Sure you could get a shuttle bus or a charter bus to take your friends or colleagues to a big event. The sound system may leave a little to be desired unless you just have announcements to make. They aren’t designed to blast your favorite artists.

In a regular bus everyone has to face the front. There is no room to move around and moving around is not encouraged.

Party buses are different, they have dance poles. Moving around is not only encouraged it is expected. There are even stand up bars. You won’t find that in a regular bar.

So stand up! Dance around!

Get all your friends together and travel in style. The party starts immediately, from the moment you board.

Don’t wait until you get there to have fun. Make the drive part of the celebration.

At Mirage Limousines we pride ourselves on offering nothing but the best. Renting one of these is like having a party on wheels.

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55 Passenger Night Club on Wheels

This is our newest party bus. Its not only new to us,  it is brand new!
All of our party bus limos come with state of the art sound systems. This one is no exception.
Get ready to blast your favorite CD or hook up your iPod. The sound system includes top of the line speakers and is powered by top-notch amplifiers that will make your music sound like a live concert.

Every limousine bus from Mirage Limousines comes with huge TV’s. Watch a music video or a movie.

Enjoy the night club style fiber optic lites. You will be surrounded by supernatural light as it bounces off the mirrors.
The floors are even illuminated! Stand and dance, perhaps the more adventurous dancers among your group will use the dance pole.

This limousine party bus features:

  • State-of-the-art sound systems, Surround Sound Stereo and i-Phone Hookup
  • Huge TV’s, with DVD players
  • Mind bending fiber optic lighting and laser lites
  • Crystal and mirrors  sparkling everywhere
  • Crystal Stand up Bars
  • Leather Seating
  • Dance Poles

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See the Competition & Then Come See Our Party Buses

We invite you to see what our competition has to offer. Please take the time to look around. It may seem like a hassle but you really won’t be able to appreciate our party buses until you see what other people are calling a party bus.

We are sure that you will be impressed once you see the difference. Our limousines and party buses are available to be viewed at our showroom:

See it before you book it!

Mirage Limousines:
813 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85257

Showroom Hours:
Mon-Fri 10am-5pm
Sat 9am-6pm

Not every party bus company has a showroom.

In fact, it’s safe to say no one has a showroom like ours. We take the business of luxury transportation very seriously.

We are not fly by night. We’ve been in our showroom on Scottsdale Rd for over ten years.

We built it ourselves, insisting on curved glass windows, no small thing, in order to show off the limos often parked inside.

Swing by and see them for yourself. You will be amazed, we promise. We, at Mirage Limousines, are convinced that you will be impressed.

Phoenix’ Party Bus Rental Service

Mirage Limousines has more party buses or limousine buses than anyone in Arizona, with sizes that range from 25 passengers up to one that holds up to 65 passengers. See them all here.

No one in Arizona has more variety of party buses. No one decks them out better than we do. We take luxury very seriously. Let us prove it to you.

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Other Luxury Vehicles

Mirage Limousines has many other luxury vehicles from which to choose. So if you don’t see what you are looking for here, head on over to the fleet page and see more. They are all there.

Looking to book limousine service in Phoenix? Our collection of limousines includes both stretch sedan limos and stretch SUV limo’s. Would you like to rent a Rolls Royce limo, how about a Hummer or an Escalade limo? We have that and more.

We also have standard sized luxury vehicles like Mercedes, Lincoln and Cadillac’s Escalade. These are often used for one-way transfers like an airport drop off or pick up. Next time you fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor, let us come and pick you up.

So whatever your transportation needs, we’ve got you covered.

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