Mirage Limousines’ Fleet Serves the State of Arizona

The Best Limos, Party Buses & Executive Sedans Available in Phx, AZ

1939 Rolls Royce Limousine – Seats up to 16 passengers

Mirage Limousines 1939 Rolls Royce Limousine
Mirage Limousines 1939 Rolls Royce Limousine-passenger side1939 Rolls Royce Limousine
Mirage Limousines rolls-royce-interiorMirage Limousines' 1939 Rolls Royce Limousine

Arizona’s only Rolls Royce Limousine! The 1939 Double Axle Rolls Royce offers the finest luxury that money can buy. Fully upgraded, it has:

  • a digital dashboard
  • hand stitched leather seats
  • 2 crystal bars
  • fiber optic lighting

This special Rolls Royce limo is guaranteed to impress. The Limited Edition Rolls Royce is stretched to 42′ long, sits on a double axle with an air ride, and can accommodate 16 passengers in “J” style seating for maximum comfort.
For more pictures and details about this limo visit the Rolls Royce Limo page.
Mirage Limousines provides limousine service throughout the Phoenix metro area that is unrivaled!


Cadillac Escalade Limousine – Seats 16 to 20 passengers

Escalade Limo
Mirage Limousines Cadillac Escalade Limo-inside
Mirage Limousines Cadillac Escalade Limo-bar

This stretched SUV limousine comes with:

  • superior cd surround sound
  • flat-screen TV’s/DVD players
  • fiber optic lit mirror and ceiling
  • crystal bars
  • lighted panel floor between seats
  • starlight headliner
  • exotic internal mood lighting

Limousine service from Mirage Limousines is second to none. Our stretched SUV limousines are luxurious and stunningly detailed. No one does luxury transportation like we do!

Hummer H2 Limo (White) – Seats 16 to 24 passengers

Mirage Limousines Hummer Limo (H2)-outside shot
Mirage Limousines Hummer Limo-bar-blueMirage Limousines Hummer Limo-Floor Lites

Mirage Limousines Hummer Limo-Inside Blue

Mirage limousines Hummer Limo-Inside

Yes we have several Hummer Limousines. Only the white one is pictured here. They all come with:

  • Hi-end CD sound systems
  • 4 crystal bars
  • 7 zone multicolored fiber optic lighting system
  • extremely nice chrome rims
  • neon lights underneath the vehicle
  • flat screen TV’s
  • DVD players
  • all inclusive surround sound system.

Mirage Limousines is the leader in limo service and party bus rental in the state of Arizona with a level of luxury and security that cannot be beat! Book from the leader!

See more about our Hummer Limos here.

Hummer H2 Limo (Black) – Seats up to 16 passengers

Mirage Limousines Hummer Limo-Black
Mirage Limousines Hummer Limo Inside
Mirage Limousines Hummer Limo-bar inside

Our Hummer limo also comes in black, complete with:

  • a Hi-end sound system for CD’s and iPods
  • 4 crystal bars
  • a 7-zone multicolored fiber optic lighting system
  • extremely nice chrome rims
  • neon lights underneath the vehicle
  • flat screen TV’s
  • DVD players
  • all inclusive surround sound

For Hummer limo service no one beats Mirage Limousines. You will be the envy of all your friends when you show up in one of our rugged hummer limos.


Lincoln Navigator Limousine – Seats 14 to 16 Passengers

Mirage Limousines Lincoln Navigator limo

Mirage Limousines Navigator Limo
Mirage Limousines Navigator Limo-inside-purple Mirage limousines Navigator Limo-inside-blue Mirage Limousines Navigator Limo-full Inside Mirage Limousines Navigator Limo Amenities

This Navigator Limousine is another of Mirage Limousines’ stretched SUV’s. It is fitted with:

  • a super surround sound
  • 4 TV’s
  • with DVD/VCR/MP3
  • 2 crystal bars
  • mood bending fiber optic lighting

Mirage Limousines is proud to offer a variety of stretched SUV’s as well as a large selection of stretched sedans. Add to that our many party buses and you see why Mirage Limousines is the most popular limo service company in the Valley of the Sun.

 Ford Excursion Limousine – Seats 14-16 Passengers

Mirage Limousines Excursion Limo
Mirage Limousines Excursion limo bar
Mirage Limousines Excursion Limo Inside

Mirage Limousines’ Excursion limo boasts:

  • a CD system
  • with 6 booming 12 inch sub woofers providing superior surround sound
  • 2 crystal bars with glasses & flutes
  • 12 inch flat screen TV accompanied by
  • state of the art DVD player
  • multicolored fiber optic lighting to set the mood

This stretched SUV limousine is filled with luxurious details. You and your friends are going to rule when seen pulling up in this beauty. Trust Mirage Limousines to make you look like a star.


Cadillac XTS Limo, With 5th Door – Seats 12 Passengers

Mirage Limousines Cadillac-XTS-limo-5thDoor-outside view
Mirage Limousines Cadillac-XTS-limo-5thDoor Inside
Mirage Limousines Cadillac-XTS-limo-5th Door-Door Open

Mirage Limousines is the only limo service in the Phoenix metro area with this BRAND NEW 12-passenger, Cadillac XTS Limo, with a 5th Door.

It comes with:

  • a leather interior
  • crystal bars
  • mood lighting

When shopping for limousine rental service in Arizona you won’t find anything newer or nicer. Except maybe our new 70 foot party bus. Other limo companies are calling us asking where they can get one. We’re not telling!


Chrysler 300 Limo – Seats 10-12 Passengers

Mirage Limousines’ Chrysler 300 limo comes equipped with:

  • all leather interior
  • 2 crystal bars
  • TV/DVD
  • mood lighting

This stretched sedan is going to make a grand entrance at your next event.

No one beats Mirage Limousines when it comes to selection. We have the largest fleet of stretched limos and SUV’s.

We also rule the party bus world. No one can touch us for options and luxury. Please drop in and see what makes us the number one limo service Arizona.

White Lincoln Limousine – Seats up to 8 Passengers

Mirage Limousines’ has a luxurious Lincoln limousine. Like every beautiful limo in our fleet, it comes with:

  • leather interior
  • crystal bars
  • mood lighting

Limo service from Mirage Limousines can take many forms, from a stretched sedan to a stretched SUV and more.

This limousine is perfect for any occasion. It is a classic in the limousine rental industry. Looking for a limo in Phoenix or Scottsdale? Heck anywhere in Arizona is close enough to rent from Mirage Limousines.

No one beats Mirage Limousines in luxury and selection. Mirage Limousines can supply limos and party buses to any part of the state of Arizona.

Party Buses

Party Bus (Limousine Bus) for up to 25 Passengers

Mirage Limousines is thrilled to have such a large selection of Phoenix party buses. This is one of our smallest party buses, sometimes called a limo bus. This one sports:

  • a 42 inch plasma TV
  • super surround sound
  • 3 crystal bars
  • mood altering fiber optic lighting

35 Passenger Party Bus (Limousine Bus)

Mirage Limousines 35 Passenger Party Bus Rental-large
Mirage Limousines 35 Passenger Limo Bus Rental-inside_a large imageMirage Limousines 35 Passenger Limo Bus-Inside_large

Mirage Limousines’ most popular party bus allows for a larger group… but with a price that may surprise you. This party bus (or limo bus as they are sometimes called) seats up to 35, features:

  • a dance floor
  • fiber optic lighting
  • crystal bars
  • multiple LCD TV’s
  • a dance pole

Mirage Limousines is the leader in party bus rental with many for you to choose. Party bus rental in Phoenix has never been easier. Whether you call it a party bus or a limo bus it is packed full of fun. Impress your friends with a party on wheels, call today.

45 Passenger Party Bus (Limousine Bus)

Mirage Limousines party-bus-45-passenger-outside
Mirage Limousines Party Bus 45 passenger lit up insideMirage Limousines party-bus-45-passenger-inside

This party bus, or limo bus, is a very popular size. Featuring:

  • 60″ plasma TV’s
  • hip hop style fiber optic lighting
  • 3 crystal bars
  • leather seating
  • surround sound stereo with CD/DVD and I-Pod hookup

When it comes to large Bachelor/Bachelorette parties there is no other party bus that compares. This party bus is also great for weddings, Quinceaneras, Prom or just nights out on the town.  The 45 passenger party bus has limited availability so reserve yours today.

Mirage Limousines is the leader in party bus rental in the Phoenix metro area. We have limo buses of every size. Let us make your next event one that you won’t soon forget. Rent a party bus today!

Newest Party Bus (Limousine Bus) Seats up to 55 Passengers

Entrance to Mirage Limousines newest party bus. Designed to hold 55 passengers. The only one with karaoke and a restroom.
Mirage Limousines 55passenger-bar-closeup Mirage Limousines newest party bus. Designed to hold 55 passengers. The only one with karaoke and a restroom.

This is our newest party bus. Its not only new to us,  it is brand new!

Plus, it is packed with amenities!

Long view of the inside of Mirage Limousines newest party bus. Designed to hold 55 passengers. The only one with karaoke and a restroom.All of our party bus limos come with state of the art sound systems. This one is no exception.
Get ready to blast your favorite CD or hook up your iPod. The sound system includes top of the line speakers and are powered by top notch amplifiers that will make your music sound like a live concert.

Every limousine bus from Mirage Limousines comes with huge TV’s. Watch a music video or a movie.

Enjoy the night club style fiber optic lites. You will be surrounded by supernatural light as it bounces off the mirrors.
The floors are even illuminated! Stand and dance, perhaps the more adventurous dancers among your group will use the dance pole.

This limousine party bus features:

  • State-of-the-art sound systems, Surround Sound Stereo and i-Phone Hookup
  • Huge TV’s, with DVD players
  • Mind bending fiber optic lighting and laser lites
  • Crystal and mirrors  sparkling everywhere
  • Crystal Stand up Bars
  • Leather Seating
  • Dance Poles

Largest Party Bus (Limousine Bus) Seats up to 65 Passengers

Mirage Limousines 65 Passenger Party Bus Rental-outside view


Homecoming Party Bus Rental | Mirage Limousines

Mirage Limousines Largest Phoenix Party Bus Inside-Large

Our largest Party Bus is a 70 foot long, fully articulated bus. Perfect for extra large parties and events. The first of it’s kind in Phoenix and we’re the ONLY company who has it! This Super party bus has:

  • three 42 inch plasma TV’s
  • super surround sound with
  • 28 speakers and 6 amps
  • 7 crystal bars
  • a VIP Section
  • a Dance Floor
  • TV/DVD/MP3
  • mood bending fiber optic lighting
  • dance poles

If only the biggest and best will do for you then this is the party bus (limousine bus) for you. For more details and pictures see the largest Phoenix party bus page.

Mirage Limousines is the leader in Arizona limousine service and party bus rental. No one has more selection or has been in business longer. When only the best will do!

Corporate Bus – Seats up to 26 Passengers

Mirage Limousines’ corporate bus is perfect for business occasions. Equipped with TV/DVD/VCR/MP3, it is perfect for corporate events or even a night on the town.

Mirage Limousines has a party bus or limo bus for every occasion. The leader in party bus rental and limousine service in the Phoenix metro area.

Passenger  Coach -Seats 50 to 60 Passengers

This passenger coach is perfect for large corporate events. Not a party bus or limo bus in the strictest sense. It is a more buttoned up version of our party/limo buses.

Mirage Limousines rents more party buses and limo buses than anyone else in the state of Arizona. A party bus or limo bus from Mirage Limousines is sure to impress.

Corporate Van -Seats up to 15 Passengers

Sometimes a van is all you need. If that is the case then this one is for you. Perfect for the whole team.

Ready to forgo the night club lighting? Don’t need a crystal bar? Understood. Mirage Limousines has you covered whether you want to tone it down or step it up. Party Bus rental in Phoenix, AZ has never been easier.

Car Service

Cadillac Escalade – up to 6 Passengers

This Cadillac Escalade is an iconic symbol of luxury and versatility. It features Magnetic Ride Control which makes bumps in the road seem to disappear and taking turns are virtually unnoticeable. With seating for up to 6, the extended back offers easy access to third row seating and enough cargo space for large luggage. The Escalade also features 3 zone temperature control and premium sound.

Perfect for one way transfers like airport transfers or transfers to an event or dinner. Don’t need the car waiting around? Then a one way transfer is what you need. Mirage Limousines, leader in Arizona limousine service, party bus rental and corporate sedans/executive Towncars. Luxury awaits. You deserve it!

Mercedes Benz G-Wagon – Seats up to 4 Passengers

Trust Mirage Limousines to provide the best in executive sedans and corporate towncars. Airport transportation has never been more luxurious.

  • Leather interior
  • CD/AM/FM and AUX cable

Created to conquer challenges on six continents, the 38-year evolution of the G-Class keeps elevating the pinnacle of refinement. From its advanced lighting to its classic upright shape, its purposeful elegance is both unmistakable and irrefutable. Every surface of the G-Class reflects its confident capability on any surface of the earth.
(Source: https://www.mbusa.com/mercedes/vehicles/class/class-G/bodystyle-SUV)


Don’t need a limousine or party bus? An executive sedan may fit the bill. These luxurious standard sized vehicles will pick you up in style. You earned it!

Lincoln Town Car – Seats up to 4 Passengers

Mirage Limousines invites you to show up in style. Arizona executive sedan service in a Lincoln Towncar is the ultimate in pampering. Leather interior, CD/AM/FM.

Mirage Limousines is the leader in Phoenix executive sedan transportation with more luxury vehicles hands down.