Limousine Service and Party Bus Price

Shopping for a Limousine (or Party Bus) by Price

Limousine and Party Bus price is not constant. Many factors effect the price including the cost of fuel, the competition for that date, the size of vehicle and more. All of these factors effect the Limousine Service and Party Bus Rental price.

In addition, there are many pitfalls when shopping for a limo or party bus by price alone. You wouldn’t hire the cheapest surgeon or stay in the cheapest hotel. Yet, many consumers shop for limousine service in this fashion.

White House Down-the movie-Limo in a Swimming Pool

White House Down-the movie-Limo in a Swimming Pool

The biggest mistake one can make, when looking to hire a limousine or party bus, is basing the decision solely on price. “Best price” can translate into “large risk.” Are you willing to risk:

  • Your limo not arriving on time and you missing your event?
  • The limousine is late, you miss your flight and an important meeting.
  • A limousine pulls up that is rusting at the seams. Instead of being lavished in luxury you are instead, embarrassed.
  • The limousine chauffeur exercises poor ¬†judgement with your best client and you lose the account.
  • Your limo breaks down on the freeway on the way to the event. You and seven friends miss the event and those expensive tickets you bought for the event are now just more wasted money. It happens.

    President Obama's Limo Broke Down in Israel

    President Obama’s limo broken down in Israel.

  • Heaven forbid that your limo should get in an accident and the limousine service company not have the proper insurance to cover your injuries.
  • The limousine arrives late to your wedding, the groom is one-hour late, the guests are disgruntled and bewildered.

All of this can be avoided by doing a little more homework. Ask the service provider how long they have been in business. Tell them you want to see the limousine or party bus you will be renting.

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