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Cost of a Prom Limo

Prom is Coming Soon

hummer limo prom sm mirage limousinesAre You Ready?

[UPDATED: March 5, 2015 See the bottom of this post for more valuable information about Prom]

There will be Proms on every weekend in April and May. Some weekends there are as many as 25 Proms on the same night. Do you have your ride to Prom yet?

Mirage Limousines has over 20 luxury vehicles. So we could almost handle any one of these Prom Saturdays all by ourselves. But will you get the limo you want?

There’s only one Rolls Royce limo. We have two Hummer limos. But then that’s it for Hummers. Want the Escalade limo? Well you better hurry cuz there is only one of those.

Cost of a Prom Limo Infographic

We put together an infographic to help you plan your Prom transportation. You need to start thinking about some of these things, if you want this part to go smoothly.

The cost of a Prom limo hinges on all these.

rolls royce limo driver side large mirage limousines hummer limo white passengerside 150x150 mirage limousines escalade 16 20 pass white mirage limousines

See it Before You Book It

At Mirage Limousines we proudly display our luxury vehicles at our showroom on Scottsdale Road.

Limo’s are parked in the showroom and out front, where they are visible from the street. They are in the back bays and in the parking lot.
You can’t miss ’em.

Not all limo companies display their vehicles. Be sure you see what you are paying for because you do not want to be disappointed with your ride on Prom night.

Showroom Hours

  • Mon-Fri: 10am – 5pm
  • Saturday: 9am – 6pm
  • Sunday: Please Call

Mirage Limousines

  • 813 N Scottsdale Rd
  • Scottsdale, AZ 85257
  • (480) 970-7700


In summary, the cost of your Prom limo hinges on the vehicle you choose and the day of your Prom. The sooner you decide the better. Limo’s are booking every day.

Source: Ideas for Prom Transportation

[UPDATE: Mirage Limousines has created a whole page dedicated to Prom transportation.] [UPDATE: Mirage Limousines continues to blog about Prom transportation concerns and tips. Here is a blog that highlights the intense competition for luxury vehicles during Prom season.] [UPDATE: Mirage Limousines has created a blog post about Prom Party Buses.]

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