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Get a Prom limo or a Prom party bus here. You can choose from nearly twenty luxury vehicles. In this post you will find all the luxury transportation options available to you. See pictures of past Prom goers enjoying their party bus. See Prom goers all loaded up in a limo.

Additionally we have created a Prom calendar of sorts. Scroll down to see all the Proms scheduled in the Phoenix metro area. Every year we create a tool to use in house. Now we are sharing it with you. See all the schools having Prom on the same day that you have Prom.

Competition is going to be fierce!

Swing by the showroom to see all the luxury vehicles for yourself. But before you go, spend some time reviewing you luxury transportation options here. Scroll down to see girls in gowns and guys in suits all enjoying their limo or party bus.

Prom Limos and Party Buses

The excitement is in the air. Is it because the school year is almost over? Not sure.

Maybe the electricity in the air is because it’s spring time.

Or maybe it’s because some of you will not be returning to High School next year.

Whatever the reason, we feel it and we love it!

The picture above is from a few years back. Yes, Mirage has been serving Prom goers for many years. The party bus in the picture is our 45 passenger party bus. You can be as happy as the people in this image. Book your party bus before it is gone.

Book B4 Its Too Late

Many schools will be holding their Proms on exactly the same day! The competition for luxury transportation those days is going to be fierce. For example, April 22, 2017 there will be 21 Proms on one day!

We want to share with you a little resource that we use internally here at Mirage Limousines. Its not pretty, it just shows how this year’s Prom season is laid out. Every year we create something like it.

Mirage Limousines wants you to be fully informed. So here it is, a prom calendar of sorts.

Do you see your school on here? How many other schools have Prom on that date?

Forgive us if it is not the most professional looking thing. Its just something we use in house to keep tabs on all the Prom dates around the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, AZ.

Hopefully you did not wait till the last minute. If so your luxury transportation options are going to be rather thin. Make that call! Book now!

Prom Resource

As promised, Mirage Limousines created a huge Prom resource. Are you ready for Prom? Not sure? Mirage Limousines has created a resource for Prom that includes preparation. It also includes a brief history of Prom. Use this Prom resource so that you don’t miss a thing. Scroll to the end of the Prom Limo/Party Bus page for an added bonus. Shhh…its secret!

You’ll find advice for booking your transpo and more. Advice like:

Don’t Get Left Behind

crying woman eyes the world of sadness girl cry small mirage limousines

Don’t let this be you. Don’t miss your chance to book luxury transportation for the Prom. You won’t be the only sad one, we will be sad for you as well.

How many luxury vehicles will be needed to accommodate all the Prom goers? That is the question.

At Mirage Limousines we have more limos and party buses for Prom than anyone else. But we surely don’t have enough to handle a whole high school’s worth of Prom goers.

Mirage Limousines has more than twenty luxury vehicles. Some of our vehicles are party buses and they hold up to 65 people. But if we rolled out every vehicle, filled to capacity, maybe we could get one whole high school to Prom, but not twenty or more high schools on the same night.

So, as much as we would love to help you all, we just can’t. So its up to you to get on the computer, get on your phone. Start checking out these cars and the service providers. Swing by their office, if they have one. Insist on seeing your luxury vehicle before you pay.

We want everyone to have a Prom night that they will remember favorably for a lifetime. Not remembered due to some tragedy like you had to arrive in the family mini-van.

Phoenix Prom – Luxury Transportation

See your vehicle before you rent it! Anyone can say they have a limo. We can prove it!

We have over 20 luxury vehicles: limos, party buses and more! All of them are housed at our showroom on Scottsdale Rd. Swing by to see your vehicle before you rent it.

Mirage Limousines has been providing luxury transportation for over thirty years. No one does it better. Mirage knows what you expect from a limousine or party bus.

  • Superior Sound with Sub Woofers
  • Video System
  • Hi-tech Lighting
  • Crystal
  • Mirrors
  • and more

Many of our vehicles have lighted floors and ceilings. Plan to be amazed.

Prom Party Bus

You have many options for Prom party bus here at Mirage Limousines. You can rent a party bus that will seat twenty-five. Or you can book the largest party bus in the state, the only one like it. It seats 65. Or you can book any size in between. We have five luxurious party buses. We definitely have something that will be perfect for you.

Each of our party buses has superior sound and high tech lighting. There are dance poles and the whole thing sparkles with crystal and mirrors.

Largest Party Bus in AZ

party bus teens mirage limousiens

This is Mirage limousines’ largest party bus. It will seat 65. The girls in the picture are inside of the section of this bus bends. Yes, it is so large it bends in the middle.

There is not another one in Phoenix, let alone the state. Get yours now, before it’s gone.

See more pictures and get more information at the page dedicated to this, the largest party bus in Arizona.

Other Party Bus Options

mirage limousines partybus1 mirage limousines 45 Passenger Party & Limo Bus Mirage

You can choose from five different party buses. These are like a night club on wheels. You will be celebrating from the moment you board.

Grab your friends, split the cost and enjoy the most luxurious, most exciting ride to prom. See all of our party buses here.

However, if you would prefer a limo…

chrysler 300 limo side mirage limousines hummer limo h2

Prom Limo Service

Your limo options for Prom are huge at Mirage Limousines! We have something for everyone. If you want a Hummer Limo, you are in luck. We have three. Or maybe you want something really special. We have a Rolls Royce limo, the only one in the state.

If you would like to see them all please head over to our page that is dedicated to our limos. You will see that we have a huge selection for you. Get yours before it is gone.

Or read on to hear a little more about two of our most popular limos.

Hummer Limo for Prom

Hummer is a great option when you want a limo. This vehicle not only has great style. It also has room to move around. Decked out with the best stereos and high tech lights these vehicles are really stunning. They sparkle from floor to ceiling. You should really check them out.

Did we mention we have three? Swing by and check them out. They are similar, they all hold twenty or so comfortably. All of them sparkle and shine. Each has the best speakers and amazing sound systems. Plan to be amazed. See if you can tell what sets them apart from each other.

See more about all three Hummer limos here.

rolls royce limo passenger side streetview

Rolls Royce Limo for Prom

No one has this car! If you want a Rolls Royce for Prom we have it for you. This car has a top of the line sound system. It has high tech lights. Everything sparkles with crystal and mirrors.

This is truly a luxury vehicle. You will be the only one who gets to ride in one to Prom. If you hurry.

See more about this Rolls Royce limo here.

mirage limousines front door 624x468 mirage limousines

Mirage Limousines, Your Source for Prom Transportation

Hopefully you got some ideas here. You got to imagine yourself in a limo or party bus. You got to see what is available and maybe what to look out for when renting luxury transportation. We hope so.

We look forward to making your dreams come true. Call to get you luxury Prom transportation. And check out our resources for more tips on having the best Prom ever!

Mirage Limousines loves Prom so much that we have compiled a definitive resource  for everything Prom related. Are you concerned about Prom etiquette? Check. We have you covered. Worried about Prom costs? Got it.  Visit the Prom resource page to be sure you have all the costs covered too. You’ll also find great style ideas and even a little history of Prom. It has something to do with cattle. You’ll see. Go check it out.


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