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Can You Drink on a Party Bus in Phoenix? Guide to Celebrating Responsibly

While planning a bachelorette party, a special couples night out, or a birthday bash, most groups consider a party bus to elevate the experience. With special lighting, space for dancing, surround sound, and drinkware amenities, these vehicles make for an unforgettable evening. Despite their recreational atmosphere, can you drink on a party bus?

Whatever the occasion, most party bus services do allow drinking on board. However, learning the rules that govern this recreation can avoid mishaps with both the company and the law.

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Can You Drink on a Party Bus? 7 Guidelines for Being Responsible in Phoenix

Most party buses allow drinking so long as guests are older than the legal drinking age. However, there are some important guidelines to maximize fun and safety as you drink on a party bus.

#1: Bring Extra Supplies

Although many party buses offer guests some drinkware amenities, having extra supplies on hand is usually a great idea. Bring extra drink supplies, cups, mixers, ice, and a cooler so you can make drinks to your liking.

Beyond extra drink supplies, it’s essential to bring other provisions to remain safe throughout the evening. Dry snacks, playlists on a BlueTooth compatible device, and water bottles can all come in handy during a night of drinking and partying.

#2: Have Food on Hand

It’s always possible that while enjoying alcohol on a party bus, someone in your group overconsumes. For these moments, having some food on hand to alleviate the alcohol in their system can be crucial.

Along with dry snacks, consider bringing more substantial food on board. Most party buses will have more than enough space to store various items. As a result, having more significant food items for drunk group members can ensure an accident-free experience.

#3: Only Bring Appropriately Aged Guests

While party buses do allow drinking, they only do so for guests of age. Many prom, homecoming, and graduation groups like to rent party buses for their special celebrations. However, these groups typically include passengers below drinking age.

Even if one passenger does not qualify to drink legally, drivers will not allow alcohol for the trip. Paying mind to these rules can avoid awkward situations and keep everyone comfortable.

#4: Comply with the Party Bus Rules

Bus safety is the number one priority for luxury party buses. Along with drinking, there may be other recreational activities your group hopes to enjoy. Smoking and vaping typically come up as popular additions to drinking on a party bus. Thus, most groups want to know if vehicles allow these activities.

Every party bus company follows their own rules with these substances. As long as everything is legal, you may not have an issue enjoying these substances throughout your ride.

#5: Respect All Drinkware and Bar Supplies

Most party bus vehicles will provide basic drinkware and bar supplies. While using these resources, treat them responsibly and carefully.

Breaking any of these supplies could incur additional fees beyond the original price of your vehicle. Furthermore, remaining in good standing with the chauffeuring service ensures you can utilize their vehicles again.

#6: Monitor Your Consumption

It’s smart to keep track of your consumption any night you drink alcohol. Stay within your normal limits of drinking, and don’t try to reinvent the wheel. It’s especially important to monitor your state of mind while drinking in a vehicle in motion.

#7: Enjoy the Experience

Finally, have fun. The whole point of renting a party bus is to create lifelong memories with special groups. Thus, use these guidelines to stay safe so you can enjoy the experience and relish the moment.

Plan an Unforgettable Evening with a Party Bus from Mirage Limousines

While younger guests on a prom or graduation party bus cannot drink, these vehicles are still fun to celebrate in. Whatever the age of your group, scheduling a luxury party bus can elevate your evening into a lifelong memory.

At Mirage Limousines, our fleet of party bus vehicles offers the top-rated amenities available. With bus options available for up to 65 guests, groups of every size can find the ideal transportation option for their special night.

So can you drink on a party bus? Learn more about the different rules for party bus transportation by calling (480) 970-7700 to schedule a luxury party bus vehicle from Mirage Limousines.

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