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Party Bus Rental For As Few As 25 And Up To 65 Passengers

Mirage Limousines is the leader in party bus rental in Phoenix, Arizona. We have the largest selection of party buses, or limo buses, for rent in the state. You can be sure to find the one that fits your needs perfectly.

Rest assured that if you are looking for a party bus for rent from anywhere in the state of Arizona then you have come to the right place.

Mirage Limousines’ smallest party bus for rent will hold up to  25 people.

The largest is a seventy footer that can hold up to 65 people. This 70 footer, is so long it has to be articulated, or made to bend, in the middle. No one in Arizona has one bigger!

In between, we have a party bus for rent that holds up to 35 people, 45 people and one for up to 55 passengers.

mirage limousines partybus1 mirage limousines
Each party bus comes equipped with:

Refreshments are readily available on the party bus, which includes a variety of drinks provided for your enjoyment. Guests are also welcome to bring any beverages of their choice.

This service ensures that you can relax and have fun, knowing that a chauffeur will take care of your safe return home after the party.

We spare no expense on all our vehicles. You will see that in the pictures here.

However, in order to know for sure, you really need to come to our showroom in Scottsdale.

There you can see all of our limousines and party buses up close and personal.

We are one of the few luxury transportation providers with a showroom. And no one has a showroom like ours.

Surrounded by glass, you can often see limo inside. Ask them how they do that.

Plan to be amazed.

The Largest Party Bus in Arizona Holds Up To 65 Passengers

This party bus has to be the largest one in all of the state Arizona. It is so long that it has to be fully articulated. That means it is made to bend in the middle. That’s how huge it is! This area that bends creates a unique section in the back. Often this is used as the VIP section. It can also be used to store luggage when necessary.

Ready to rent a party bus? Imagine yourself and some friends bar hopping in this huge limousine bus. Set the lights to change color, set up the laser light show, turn on your favorite music and you have a party. Use the dance poles to steady yourself or put on a show of your athletic abilities. Its all up to you. Renting a limo bus is like having a traveling night club.

For more details and pictures of this humongous party bus, visit the page for the  Largest Party Bus in Arizona.

party bus teens mirage limousiens
party bus 4 65 vip 1024x768 mirage limousines

The Newest Party Bus is a 55 Passenger Night Club on Wheels

Mirage Limousines has every type of limo you can imagine: Hummer, Cadillac, Lincoln and more. We are only highlighting a few in this blog post. For a complete list of all of our luxury vehicles head over to the Fleet page.

Ready to choose your limo? How many people are you trying to fit inside? Let’s start there.

party bus 55 passenger
mirage limousines 55passenger bar closeup

This is our newest party bus. It’s not only new to us,  it is brand new!

All of our party bus limos come with state of the art sound systems. This one is no exception.
Get ready to blast your favorite CD or hook up your iPod. The sound system includes top of the line speakers and are powered by top notch amplifiers that will make your music sound like a live concert.

Every limousine bus from Mirage Limousines comes with huge TV’s. Watch a music video or a movie.
Enjoy the night club style fiber optic lites. You will be surrounded by supernatural light as it bounces off the mirrors.

Stand and dance, perhaps the more adventurous dancers among your group will use the dance pole.

This limousine party bus features:

  • State-of-the-art sound systems, Surround Sound Stereo and iPhone Hookup
  • Huge TV’s, with DVD players
  • Mind bending fiber optic lighting and laser lites
  • Crystal and mirrors  sparkling everywhere
  • Crystal Stand up Bars
  • Leather Seating
  • Dance Poles

See more about this party bus here.

This Party Bus is Made For Up to 45 Passengers

This is a very popular size of party bus or limousine bus. It is often used for Quinceaneras and for Bachelor/Bachelorette parties. Perfect for wedding parties and business seminars as well.

This is a wise way to travel whenever there is a group of people all going to the same event. This way no one gets lost and no one gets left behind.

A limo party bus adds extra fun to any occasion.

Everyone can enjoy the fun of being together before, during and after the event. No one needs to cut the party short. Be that friend that makes sure your guests have transportation as well as yourself.

Ready to rent a party bus in AZ? Call now! (480) 970-7700

To see more about this party bus visit the Party Bus Rental-Up to 45 Passengers page.

The Most Popular Party Bus Is This One, For Up to 35 Passengers

This is by far our most popular party bus, or limousine bus. Book it quick because it gets rented first.

Its got room for dancing and visiting.

It is the most spectacular way to roll up to any event. Impress your friends by securing their transportation as well as your own.

Spend extra time before and after your event enjoying the company of your best friends.

To see more about this limo partybus visit the Party Bus Rental Phoenix- Up to 35 Passengers page.

This party bus for rent can be seen in the Quinceanera video below. We are so proud to be able to provide this amount of fun to an event.

These kids are having a blast.

You can too.

Our Smallest Party Bus Holds Up To 25 Passengers

Mirage Limousines has more limousine party buses than anyone in Arizona. This one will hold 25 passengers comfortably. Travel in style and comfort with a plasma TV and crystal bars. Turn on the lights for a discotheque environment.

Ready to rent a party bus? Surprise your friends. Provide a designated driver and enjoy a night on the town stress free. Call (480) 970-7700

limo bus inside mirage limousines

Mirage Limousines’ Party Bus Rental Service

Mirage Limousines has more party buses or limousine buses than anyone in Arizona, with sizes to hold up to 65 passengers. At Mirage Limousines we pride ourselves on offering nothing but the best. Renting one of these is like having a party on wheels.

All of our party bus limos come with state of the art sound systems. So get ready to blast your favorite CD or hook up your iPod. The sound systems all include top of the line speakers and are powered by top notch amplifiers that will make your music sound like a live concert. Every limousine bus also comes with huge TV’s. Watch a video or movie.

Enjoy the disco style fiber optic lites. You will be surrounded by supernatural light as it bounces off the mirrors. The floors are often even illuminated! Stand up and dance, can’t do that in a limo! Perhaps the more adventurous dancers among your group will use the dance pole.

What Is A Party Bus?

mirage limousines partybus1 mirage limousines

Ever wondered what a “party bus” is? Most people are familiar with public transportation. In our younger years many of us even rode on a school bus. As adults maybe we’ve enjoyed a turn-around on a passenger coach. These are all buses but they are NOT “party buses.”

Usually, on a bus, all the seats are in rows that face toward the front. Passengers may be able to walk around but getting out of your seat is not encouraged. This is NOT true on a party bus.

Party buses, sometimes called a limousine bus, limo bus or limo party bus, are made for walking around. More than just walking around, they are made for dancing in the aisles! First, the seats don’t face forward in rows. Instead these seats wrap around the inside. This leaves a big wide aisle for dancing and visiting and just generally being up out of your seat.


AZ party buses are just made for partying. Mirage Limousines’ party buses come with state of the art sound systems. Made to play a CD or for an iPhone hook up, you can play your favorite songs. And it doesn’t stop there.

Mirage Limousines decks these vehicles out with huge TV’s. So if you’d rather watch a video than listen to music, we have you covered. These luxury rides are also decked out with laser lights, mirrors and fiber optic lighting. The ambiance is mind bending.

Swing by and have a look.

We will be happy to turn the lights on the inside for you to get the whole picture.