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Mirage Limousines' 1939 Rolls Royce Limo- side view, passenger-side taken from a streetview

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Looking to book one limo or several limos? Look no further. We have limousines of every style. Stretched sedans and stretched Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV’s). Limousines by Rolls Royce, Cadillac, Hummer, Lincoln and more!

Rolls Royce Limo

We are extremely proud of our Rolls Royce limousine. It’s the only one in Arizona.

Mirage Limousines' 1939 Rolls Royce Limo- side view, passenger-side taken from a streetview

This vehicle is sure to impress your friends and maybe even those who are not your friends. This beauty comes with:

  • Hand-stitched Leather Seats
  • Crystal Bars and Mirrors
  • Fiber Optic Lighting
  • and more

The Limited Edition Rolls Royce Limo is stretched to 42′ long. It sits on a double axle with an air ride. You will feel like your floating in a cloud.

It can accommodate up to 15 passengers in its “J” style seating. For maximum comfort, don’t overcrowd your limo.

For more images and details head over to this page dedicated to our Rolls.

Mirage Limousines Rolls Royce Limo at Super Bowl Central 2015
Here she is, in downtown Phoenix at the Super Bowl festivities. Everyone loves the Rolls Royce limo. When you drive up in this limo the crowds will cheer.

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Cadillac XTS with a 5th Door

The newest stretched sedan limo in our fleet is the Cadillac XTS which seats twelve.

Mirage Limousines Cadillac-XTS-limo-with a 5th Door

This vehicle comes with:

  • leather interior
  • crystal
  • mirrors
  • deluxe lighting
  • and the best in audio/visual equipment.

This car adds a fifth door! If ease of access is a concern of yours then this is the vehicle for you. Let the bride embark and disembark with ease. Got an elderly client or parent?

This fifth door makes it a little easier for them to get in and out of this limo. Think how impressed they will be when you share with them the extra steps you took to ensure their comfort.

Sure to earn you brownie points!

Learn more about the Cadillac XTS limo here.

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Hummer Limos

Our many stretched SUV limos include the Hummer.  We have three. One of our Hummer limos seats sixteen, while the other two Hummer limo seat up to twenty-four. Two Hummer Limos to choose from As with all our vehicles, these beautiful vehicles have :

  • luxurious leather interior
  • state of the art TV’s
  • DVD
  • Premium Sound System
  • Fiber-optic laser lighting
  • Bar stocked with complimentary bottled water, ice and glasses

Want a Hummer limo? Check out the Hummer Limo page. The floors light up in these beauties. One even has spinners. Hummer Limos make an impression. Their rugged design is an American classic. Own the road with one of these bad boys. Mirage Limousines Hummer Limousine Hummer H24 at Westgate Bike Week

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Cadillac Escalade Limousine

Cadillac Escalade is a name that screams quality. Real American luxury. This beauty seats up to twenty passengers.

  • The stereo will impress as will the comfort.
  • These leather seats will hug you and your guests.
  • The bars will twinkle with mirrors and crystal.
  • They will be filled with complimentary water and ice.

To see more about this luxury automobile follow this link to the Cadillac Escalade Limo listing on the Fleet page.

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Lincoln Navigator Limo

Mirage Limousines Navigator Limo
Lincoln Navigator

This Navigator Limousine is another of Mirage Limousines’ stretched SUV’s. Made by Lincoln, a recognized leader in luxury transportation. Lincoln is an American classic. This limo is fitted with:

  • a super surround sound
  • 4 TV’s
  • with DVD/VCR/MP3
  • 2 crystal bars
  • mood bending fiber optic lighting

See more about our Navigator limo here.

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Only the Best Inside and Out

Mirage Limousines Cadillac-XTS-limo-5thDoor Inside


We pride ourselves on providing nothing but the best. We equip our limos with:

  • Sound systems that are top of the line.
  • TV’s that are flat screens, plasma’s or LCD.
  • The insides are lit up with fiber optics and laser lights. Dial them up or dial them down. It’s up to you.
  • Vehicles shine both inside and out with crystal and mirrors.

Inside all of our limos:

  • The mirrors and crystal shine to reflect the light.
  • The fiber optic lighting inside flashes and streams like the inside of a night club.






Limos on the Outside

All of our Phoenix limos are meticulously cared for by our in-house staff of detailers and mechanics.

Stop by our showroom to see our detailer meticulously preparing your limousine for you.

Often you will also see a couple of mechanics with grease up to their elbows. We keep all our cars on site. With our bays in the back, we can fix just about anything in-house.

Behind the Scenes at Mirage Limousines YouTube

You can expect your luxury limo to be in top shape. We all know that cars can break down quite unexpectedly. That’s why, if this should occur, you are guaranteed to be upgraded to an even better luxury vehicle. Our fleet is so large that your luxury transportation will always be first-rate.

With that said, let’s take a look at all the beautiful limos available for you at Mirage Limousines.

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See It Before You Book It

We are so proud of our fleet of luxury vehicles we invite you to come see them for yourself. Please come see our huge, beautiful showroom in downtown Scottsdale. You may even find two of our limos parked inside the showroom. Ask us how we do that. Plan to be amazed.

No one displays their luxury limousines like Mirage Limousines does. There are limo service providers who are still working out of their homes. There are limo companies who park their vehicles on side streets and in industrial parks.

Ask around. See what kind of resistance you get when you ask to see your limo before you book it. We gladly invite you to come see your limo at our showroom before you book it.

When not in service, you will find all of our limos at our showroom on Scottsdale Rd. Our mechanics are on site so that everything is in top working condition. We have our detailers on-site too, watch as they make your limo shine.

We have been delivering luxury transportation for over 30 years. That’s no accident. We know luxury. We know what you expect when you rent a limo.

You are about to get the ride of your life. Your luxury transportation is going to be everything you imagined. We promise. You are dealing with luxury transportation professionals who have a long history in the luxury transportation industry.


Mirage Limousines has been delivering top notch luxury limousine service since the 80’s. We started out, like many limo companies, operating out of a private home. That was in Tempe, AZ and at the time we only had one limo.

Since then we have added many more limos. And even party buses. In fact, Mirage Limousines has more limos than anyone in Arizona. Don’t take our word for it. Shop around. We know that once you see what others have to offer and compare them to ours you will be convinced that no one does it better than Mirage Limousines.

In the following years, we moved our limo service out of our home and into a beautiful showroom on Scottsdale Rd. That was more than ten years ago.

Mirage Limousines:
813 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85257

Showroom Hours:
Mon-Fri 10am-5pm
Sat 9am-6pm

Call (480) 970-7700 24/7

Mirage limousines' Hummer Limo at TopGolf

When you stop by for a visit you will find that your limousine is:

  • Equipped with top of the line equipment. From the stereo to the TV’s inside no expense was spared.
  • Lighting that is spectacular. It sparkles inside from the crystal and mirrors.
  • It will be clean from top to bottom and be in perfect running condition. It will be stocked with water and ice.
  • Your driver is a professional. Each of our drivers has five or more years experience as a professional chauffeur.

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Why Do You Need Limo Service?

  • When you want to travel together in a group
  • When you don’t want to worry about parking or getting too drunk to drive, these are just a few of the extremely good reasons to book limo service with Mirage Limousines.

It may seem like a luxury or an extravagance but its more affordable than you think and you deserve it.

For a complete list of all our luxury vehicles, head on over to our Fleet page. There you will see all of our deluxe transportation choices, including our party buses and executive sedans.
For a glimpse at just our party bus rental selection check out our page dedicated to them.

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