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We want to be your ride to Prom. We also want to be your source for everything you need or want to know about Prom.

Prom is one of the most important events in the school year. They are becoming an “arena of impressions”.  It is one of those events that is both all about the fun with friends and also about super style. That means, along with corsages, sharp tuxes and gorgeous dresses, a luxury limo or limo party bus is practically a requirement!

Dressed in a tuxedo or Prom dress, you will look elegant and beautiful as you arrive at your Prom in one of our Prom limos or party buses. Choose from a Rolls Royce limoHummer limo, Escalade limo or one of our other stretch sedans or stretched SUV’s.

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Planning for Prom with Mirage Limousines

We are experts at Prom. We’ve been doing it for years. so relax, you are in good hands. But if you have not started planning, start now!

Don’t get left out in the cold. Book your Prom transportation well in advance. Mirage Limousines has many limos and party buses available for Prom. But when they are gone, they are gone. You want to make sure that you get the limo or party bus that you really want.

Things to consider as you plan Prom transportation:
redpromgownsm mirage limousines
  • This girl is going to need two seats.
  • Consider this when deciding on the size of luxury vehicle you require.
  • You don’t want to crush this fancy dress.

Prom Planning Tips

Prom is right around the corner. Hopefully, you have everything in order. Use the following tools to double check your preparedness.

Prom Planning Timeline

This infographic highlights some of the major steps you will need to take to make Prom a success. It starts at three months out. If you didn’t start then, start now. The timeline is just a suggestion.

Use this infographic to double check your preparedness:

Prom Etiquette

Today, Prom etiquette has changed. Boys are no longer expected to pay for everything.

For example,’s Prom etiquette says, ” if you’re going with a group, you may want to share expenses for a limo (including the tip).

And eHow says, “Everyone may share the cost of tickets, transportation, dinner and any other expenses. Couples or groups going together should discuss the costs well in advance to avoid confusion or embarrassment when it’s time to pay.”

Prom Checklists

If you’re not sure you’ve got everything covered you are not alone. There are teams of people who have been through what you are going through. Draw on their experience. Head on over to Pinterest to find a bunch of very useful Prom Checklists. Once you’ve had a look at a couple of those you’ll have a better idea of how ready you are for Prom. See, you are not alone in this.

History of Prom

The word Prom is short for promenade. A promenade is “the formal, introductory parading of guests at a party,” says a Time magazine article from 2010. (Yep. They used to herd ya around like a bunch of cattle.) Initially this promenade was done at a banquet, with college age students, near the end of the school year.

Historian Meghan Bretz believes Proms may have existed at colleges as early as the late 1800’s. By the early 1900’s, Prom had become an afternoon or early evening dance. College seniors dressed up in their “Sunday best”.  It was not yet popular to wear formal wear. Young adults wore the same clothes they would normally wear to church.

As Americans gained more money and leisure time in the 1950’s, Proms became more extravagant and elaborate, finally bearing similarity to today’s Proms.

Nowadays, Prom is a formal affair. Guys wear tux’s, girls wear ball gowns and the lucky ones arrive in luxury transportation.

Rent a Limo or Party Bus for Prom

We want to make your Prom special. With over 20 years chauffeuring high school juniors and seniors on Prom night throughout the Greater Phoenix Area, Mirage Limousines has an outstanding reputation of delivering high-class, quality luxury transportation for Prom at the best prices in Arizona.

We specialize in AZ Prom limo and party bus services. We know what it takes to accommodate the many requirements of today’s young adults during their Prom night activities. Mirage Limousines provides the finest, newest and safest Prom limos and party buses throughout Arizona.

All our luxury vehicles are well maintained and smoke-free. Our chauffeurs are all professional, uniformed drivers with 100% clean DMV records with no DUI offenses. You can be sure that we will provide the safety and security that you expect.

Mirage Limousines’ High School Prom limos and party buses will take you to your Prom event in no time, safe and sound. Safety is our goal for Prom transportation services. Our vehicles are new, clean and well-maintained and are always staffed by well trained, fully licensed, responsible chauffeurs. We also have the latest communications technology to make your trip safe and comfortable.

For Parents:

When choosing limos for Prom, we want you to feel confident that your children are in good hands with our professional chauffeurs and our fleet of  safe, Prom limos and party buses. We are concerned about the safety and welfare of your children.

We don’t tolerate drugs, alcohol or cigarettes while the students are in our Prom limos – and no “surprise” riders will be allowed in your child’s Prom limo on Prom night without prior parental approval.

For Students:

We understand the importance of your Prom night, and we understand how important your Prom limo is to your image around your school and your classmates. After all, we were young once!

We also understand how concerned your parents might be regarding your safety on this very special night. You might have to convince them that renting an AZ Prom limo for your group is the safest possible way for you to enjoy your Prom night.

When you tell them that Mirage Limousines will be providing the Prom limo transportation, they will feel much better. We have been providing professional, courteous and safe Prom limos and party buses since 1982 for students throughout Arizona.

Tell your parents:

You deserve to enjoy a safe and memorable Phoenix high school Prom limo/party bus experience. Make your Prom a masterpiece to celebrate at future class reunions.

Make it a night to remember!
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Party Bus Service Phoenix
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Find the Perfect Prom Limo Service or Prom Party Bus Rental

Mirage Limousines is the oldest and largest limo service and party bus rental company in Arizona. With over thirty years experience and more than twenty luxury vehicles to choose from, no one does Prom better than we do. Count on us to consider every detail to make your special night one you will remember fondly for years to come.

Prom Party Bus

For those extra-large Prom transportation needs, our party buses for 25, 35, 45 and 65 passengers come equipped with TV’s, high end audio, dance poles, fiber optic lighting and laser lights.

These limo party buses are great for catering to a bigger crowd.

Mirage Limousines has you covered with a range of awesome options:
Inside Prom Limos and Party Buses
Our Prom limousines and party buses all come equipped with high-tech amenities like:

Mirage Limousines’ Fleet

We understand how important the choice of a Prom vehicle is, and that’s why we offer a wide variety of Prom limo vehicles.

You will make quite an impression on your classmates when you show up in one of Mirage Limousines’  luxurious Prom limos or party buses.

Mirage Limousines professional chauffeurs, new vehicles (limousines, sedans & party buses ) and 24 hour reservations provide a level of service unsurpassed in the Phoenix area.

See It Before You Book It

See it before you book it! Its a major expense.

You wouldn’t buy a house with out seeing it, or a refrigerator or anything else that is a major expense without seeing it. Don’t be fooled by some sweet talking salesman. See your Prom limo or party bus before you sign anything or pay anything.

Wherever you rent you luxury transportation, see it before you book it. Sadly, there are unscrupulous individuals who will rent a car they do not have. Or offer a car you will never see.

Last year, several girls here in Arizona rented a party bus from Pennsylvania. They got no party bus and they were out the $500 deposit. We know because they came to us in a panic. Don’t let this happen to you.

Whatever you do, see your vehicle before you book it. Many companies will book a car for you that they do not own. We won’t. We  have so many luxury vehicles we do not need to farm anything out.

Visit our showroom to see your luxury transportation in person. Mirage Limousines invites you to see it before you book it! Get your Prom limo or Party Bus here!

813 N Scottsdale Rd Scottsdale, AZ 85257


Showroom Hours

Mon-Fri 10 am – 5 pm
Sat 9 am – 6 pm
Sun (by appointment)

Don’t Get Left Behind

Don’t let this be you. Don’t miss your chance to book luxury transportation for the Prom. You won’t be the only sad one, we will be sad for you as well.

How many luxury vehicles will be needed to accommodate all the Prom goers? That is the question.

At Mirage Limousines we have more limos and party buses for Prom than anyone else. But we surely don’t have enough to handle a whole high school’s worth of Prom goers.

Mirage Limousines has more than twenty luxury vehicles. Some of our vehicles are party buses and they hold up to 65 people. But if we rolled out every vehicle, filled to capacity, maybe we could get one whole high school to Prom, but not twenty or more high schools on the same night.

So, as much as we would love to help you all, we just can’t. So it’s up to you to get on the computer, get on your phone. Start checking out these cars and the service providers. Swing by their office, if they have one. Insist on seeing your luxury vehicle before you pay.

We want everyone to have a Prom night that they will remember favorably for a lifetime. Not remembered due to some tragedy like you had to arrive in the family mini-van.

Bonus for Reading till the End

For those diligent souls who read this post to the end, we have a little bonus.

We found a couple of Prom related games to play while you wait for your nails to dry, or for your ride to arrive.

This first game is a dress up game. Help your model-of-choice get ready for Prom. You can wash her face, put her make up on and more. The dress up game can be found here.

The other game is a little different. In this game you are actually arriving at Prom. Lots of funny things happen if you can find the right button to push. Look for your cursor to turn into a hand to help you find what you are supposed to click on.


In a nutshell, Mirage Limousines has:

  • Prom limos in white and black for eight-, ten-, twelve-, fourteen-, sixteen-, twenty- and twenty four-passengers
  • Prom party buses for large groups of 25, 35, 45 and 65
  • Luxury sedans and SUV’s for smaller parties of four to six

Our vehicles are new, clean, well-maintained and are always staffed by well trained, fully licensed and responsible professional chauffeurs.

All included as part of our exceptional Prom transportation service package for Phoenix, AZ.

We want to be your go-to source for Prom transportation. Hopefully, we have provided useful information that makes you want to come back to Mirage Limousines again and again.

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