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Mirage Limousines Rolls Royce Limo at Super Bowl Central 2015

Thank You Phoenix – Super Bowl 49 a Huge Success

Super Bowl Wrap Up

Mirage Limousines just has to say thank you Phoenix because Super Bowl XLIX was a huge success. From Scottsdale to Glendale and everywhere in between, Arizona was celebrating. No one does it better than us!

Fans Got a Game

Super Bowl 49 Party Bus with Seattle FlagThis was the most watched TV show ever and the most watched Super Bowl in a long time. And it was well deserved. This game went to the last twenty seconds. Both teams had a chance to win all the way to the end.

That’s what we want in a Super Bowl, a game and not a blow out.

We felt bad for the Seattle fans, especially the ones on our party bus. We let them fly the 12th man flag. But apparently it did not help. Darn it.

But they had fun, as did we.

Winners Abound

Fox 10 News reports that the “National Football League is really pleased with how everything went.” The Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee anticipates working toward hosting additional Super Bowls soon.

FOX 10 also spoke with Cardinal’s President Michael Bidwill. He thought the game was a big hit economically. He was pleased that the game gave the state a rare opportunity to court major companies.

The economic numbers are not all in yet. But TV viewership was up. New England’s dramatic victory over Seattle in Super Bowl 49 on Sunday was the most watched show in American television history, seen by a record 114.4 million US viewers, telecaster NBC said Monday. Katy Perry’s half-time show was watched by 118.5 million viewers. Yahoo Sports

Some of the early numbers show that in the Phoenix area, bar revenue was up almost 16 percent and hotel revenue up 12.9 percent. The pool and bar at the W Scottsdale hotel grossed 10 times more in sales in the five days leading up the game than it had for all of January 2014. Public transportation ridership was double its previous record. The airport handled a record amount of passengers on the Monday after the game.

 Mirage Limousines Made the New York Times

The big game sold out all the luxury transportation all over town. The New York Times (NYT) wrote an article about a golfer at the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

Yes the golf tournament was happening at the same time as the big game. One of the players, Keegan Bradley, wanted to get to the big game. He considered a helicopter since it was so hard to get a limo.

So the NYT called Mirage Limousines for a  quote about this scarcity. Of course they got our name wrong. And they made it seem like our vehicles only seat four to six people. Oh silly NYT we have a party bus that holds 65 people.

But, once again, Super Bowl delivered. Any publicity is good publicity. Or so they say.


Put simply this Super Bowl 49 was a huge success and a big win for Arizona. The exposure will continue to drive tourists and business to our lovely state. As Phoenix natives Mirage Limousines couldn’t be happier. We know its a great state. Now more people know as well.

[Don’t forget to check out our Super Bowl 49 page with more details.]

Book your ride to Super Bowl 49 to see the Patriots and Seattle compete for the title of Super Bowl Champions

Super Bowl Teams are Set – Are You?

Book Your Ride to Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLIX is coming to Glendale, Arizona on Sunday, February 1, 2015. The teams are set. Are you set?  Got a ride to Super Bowl? If you plan to attend, you deserve to arrive in style.

The Seattle Sea Hawks and the New England Patriots will be taking over the University of Phoenix stadium in just a few days from now. We at Mirage Limousines are excited.

This year’s Super Bowl may become known as the “Deflate-gate” Super Bowl. At least the play offs leading up to the big game may be characterized as such. It’s sure better than the Mass Transit Super Bowl that occurred last year.

Perhaps you have heard the controversy. Apparently the Patriots deflated their game balls. This made them easier to catch in the rain last weekend. The game was a blow out. Its hard to say the deflated balls made that much difference. What do you think? Find us on social media and share your thoughts. We would love to hear from you.

And let Mirage Limousines be your ride to the Super Bowl. We have many luxury transportation options available, choose from: a limo, a party bus or even a standard sized luxury vehicle like an Escalade or Mercedes.

Mirage Limousines, the Leading Limo Service Provider in Phoenix, AZ

If you are looking to book a ride to the Super Bowl, you have come to the right place. Mirage Limousines is the leader in limo service in Phoenix, AZ. Its our attention to detail that has allowed us to succeed all these years.

These are just a few of the limousines we have waiting to take you to the Super Bowl.

(Click an image to enlarge it.)


Mirage Limousines’ Phoenix Party Buses

Get a party bus for a ride to Super Bowl. Imagine yourself and some friends showing up to the big game in a limousine bus. Set the lights to change color, set up the laser light show, turn on your favorite music and you have a party.

Use the dance poles to steady yourself or put on a show of your athletic abilities. Its all up to you. Renting a limo bus is like having a traveling night club.

(Click an image for more details.)

Mirage Limousines Party Bus for 65 Passengers-outside view

Largest Party Bus in AZ

Mirage Limousines party-bus-45-passenger-outside

Party Bus for up to 45

Mirage Limousines party-bus-35-passenger-outside

Party Bus for up to 35

Mirage Limousines Party Bus-Seats 25 Passengers

Party Bus for up to 25

Mirage Limousines Your Ride to the Super Bowl

This is just a small  sample of the many luxury vehicles available for you at Mirage Limousines. We haven’t even shown you the standard sized luxury vehicles available like Escalade and Mercedes.

A complete list of all of our luxury vehicles are on our Fleet page.

Swing by and Visit

No one in the Valley has more luxury vehicles. No one decks out their luxury vehicles like we do. You just have to see for yourself. Swing by our showroom on Scottsdale Rd and we will turn on the lights for you.

Mirage Limousines

  • 813 N Scottsdale Rd
  • Scottsdale, AZ 85257
  • 480-970-7700

Showroom Hours:

  • Mon-Fri: 10am – 5pm
  • Saturday: 9am – 6pm
  • Sunday: Please Call

Options for Super Bowl Transportation

Book Super Bowl Transportation

Mirage Limousines wants to provide your luxury transportation for the Super Bowl. Limos, party buses and executive sedans are all waiting for you. There is still time to book your luxury transportation. Show up in style!  Travel like a Boss.

 Super Bowl Transportation Snafus

Getting to the Super Bowl can be a huge fan headache. Packed parking lots, long lines of traffic, it can wear you out before you even get in to see the game. Imagine yourself at last year’s big game.

Mass Transit Super Bowl

Last year was billed as the Mass Transit Super Bowl. The first Super Bowl in which two US states (New York and New Jersey) hosted the event. Fans were encouraged to use the elaborate public transportation system available there.

Mistaken estimates of rail ridership by the NFL led to over-crowding and delays. Approximately 28,000 people took the shuttle and were faced with waits of up to 90 minutes. After the game ended, fans were asked to remain inside the stadium until more trains were dispatched to load passengers from the station.

Hopefully, this won’t happen this year. There just  isn’t a lot of public transportation that even goes to the University of Phoenix Stadium. So if you want to go to the game, you are probably going to have to drive or hire a driver.

Of course, we recommend you book a driver. And who better to book from than the oldest and largest limo service, party bus rental, car service provider? Don’t sweat the preliminaries, like traffic and parking. Save your energy for the big game.

Super Bowl Details

University of Phoenix Stadium-with the grass out

Courtesy of Az Republic

The big game is Sunday, February 1st. It will be held at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix. The stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals, is a state of the art facility, modern, built in 2006, with a retractable roof and a grass field that rolls out of the building into the sun.

Kickoff is scheduled for 4:30pm Phoenix time (6:30pm Eastern time). This will be the second Super Bowl played in that stadium, and the third one held in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

University of Phoenix Stadium Parking

If you are dead set on driving yourself to the game don’t forget a parking permit. Parking permits are required to attend NFL events, and only ticketholders are allowed to purchase parking permits.

Attendees of the 2015 NFL Pro Bowl and/or Super Bowl XLIX should visit superbowl.clickandpark.com prior to attending to purchase a parking permit for each game.

This is the Overall Parking Lot Map. Use it when buying a parking pass. This way you will know which lot you are buying a pass for.

Public Transportation

Mirage Limousines wants to be your transportation provider for the big game. However, we also want to be your source for valuable event information for this and any other major event in the state. As such we are providing information on public transit. But we hope you don’t use it and call us instead.

Earlier in this post we mentioned that there isn’t much public transportation out to the big game. While true, there is a limited amount of public transportation. So here it is.

Public transportation in Phoenix is called Valley Metro. They have put together a package of information for the big game. You can plan ahead for your long bus ride by visiting valleymetro.org/superbowl.

Valley Metro recommends allowing extra time to get to your destination, since many other fans will be joining you on your transit trip. Remember last year’s Mass Transit Super Bowl. Super fail.

They also suggest that you pack lightly. Security will be tight. They request that you not bring coolers and/or other large items on bus or rail. You can click here for a full list of prohibited items.

Additional bus service will be provided in Glendale on Pro Bowl and Super Bowl game days. Visit: http://www.valleymetrosb.com/game-days/ for more details.

 Mirage Limousines Super Bowl Transportation

So now you have the whole picture of the different ways you can get to the Super Bowl this year. You can take a chance that there will be another mass transit snafu like last year. You could fight the traffic and parking lot, buy a pass and simply lose your mind trying to park before the game even starts.

Mirage Limousines Hummer Limo-White
Mirage Limousines 1939 Rolls Royce Limousine-close up

Or you can avoid the traffic hassles and parking nightmares. Take no chances on public transit. Get yourself a driver. You earned it. Want a Rolls Royce limo? We have that. What about a Hummer limo? Got that too.

Plus we have parking passes. The venue provided a limited number of limo parking passes and we got ’em. Not too many mind you, so get here quick.

Visit our fleet page to see all of our luxury vehicles. Or the limo page if you are only interested in a limo. Or the party bus page if you’d like a party bus for the Super Bowl. Pretty much if you want it, we got it. Just for you.

Here is a previous blog about the Super Bowl. It contains info about the events going on around the city.

This is our hub page with a collection of everything Super Bowl related. Check it out.

Book a Super Bowl Limo

The Super Bowl is Coming to Phoenix

Book a Super Bowl Limo to University of Phoenix Stadium

Courtesy of Az Republic

Super Bowl XLIX will be held in Phoenix, AZ this spring. Arizona will host its third Super Bowl in 19 years on Sunday, February 1, 2015. Super Bowl XLIX will be played at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

Mirage Limousines is looking forward to it being a very exciting time. There will be activities city wide. In fact, some of the Super Bowl related activities are already happening or have happened. This is a very big deal for Phoenix.

As a Phoenix native Mirage Limousines hopes to share some of the excitement with you. And we hope you’ll let us be your luxury transportation provider this Super Bowl. Imagine yourself attending the Super Bowl in a limo. Book your Super Bowl Limo now!

Super Bowl Events:

  • 100 days before the big event there was an event to celebrate the $600,000 in Super Bowl grant money that was awarded to Phoenix charities. Called the “100 Day Countdown” it was like a pep rally. It was held at a local elementary school in Phoenix. Those kids must have been thrilled to get out of class that day.

    Book a Super Bowl Limo to see the Huge Football Downtown Phoenix

    Courtesy of the Az Super Bowl Hosting Committee

  • 49 days before the big game there will be a 4.9 kilometer “fun run” at RAWHIDE. This is a family fun event with activities for the kids, food, drinks, and music. Rawhide is a Phoenix treasure and if you haven’t been there you should definitely check this out. It is modeled after an old ghost town from the wild west and just a fun time for all.
  • Right now there is a huge football in the center of downtown. If you haven’t been to see it,plan on it. Downtown Phoenix is an eclectic mix of art and food. Always something to see there. Now you can add a 20 foot high football. More than 32 feet around, it weighs more than  7,000 pounds.

The Charm of Phoenix

This video is being promoted on the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee’s website. It really shows off our city nicely.It starts in the desert and ends in the city. Highlighted are some of our greatest attractions, the Desert Botanical Garden, The Crescent Ballroom, a night club downtown.

We all hope when you come to visit you will want to stay.

Super Bowl Limo Provider

Check out our page dedicated to this year’s Super Bowl. There you will find more things to do as well as information about the vehicles we have available for the big game.

Mirage Limousines serves the entire Phoenix area with limos, party buses and executive town cars. Let us be your luxury transportation provider, let us provide your Super Bowl limo.

[UPDATE: We have created a hub page for everything Super Bowl 49. You can see a bit of everything there.]
[UPDATE 2: We recently blogged about  all the Super Bowl transportation options. There aren’t many.]